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Hunting of the Snark (Fig 9)  

H de Hiperficção Esta página web contém ligações para arquivos, edições e sítios web de ficção em hipertexto e de ficção interactiva.

H for Hyperfiction This webpage contains links for archives, editions, and websites of hypertextual and interactive fiction.


NB: Excepto quando houver outra indicação, os textos de apresentação de cada obra pertencem aos respectivos autores e editores, e foram transcritos do sítio web.

NB: Unless otherwise indicated, annotations on the selected works belong to their respective editors and authors, and they have been transcribed from the website.



Ópera electrónica de Pedro Barbosa e Luis Carlos Petry



Alletsator é uma ópera em formato hipermédia que, para os seus autores, melhor se define como uma ópera quântica, enfim um jogo - interactivo, tridimensional - onde o actual e o virtual se entrecruzam e misturam. Um híbrido hipermédia, portanto, no qual se desafia o “espectactor” (imerso num ambiente que se pretende cósmico, mágico, fantástico, onírico...) a percorrer a superfície de uma sequencialidade por si próprio traçada. Uma viagem sem fim, pois trata-se de uma narrativa em rede gerada por uma interface que permite combinações potencialmente infinitas. Da dramaturgia que lhe serve de base antecipava-se já a metáfora que melhor explica este trabalho: uma nave espacial de caminhos dispersos, de inesperados percursos multilineares em potência. Projecto do NuHP-Núcleo de Pesquisa em Hipermídia com cooperação do CETIC-Centro de Estudos de Texto Informático e Ciberliteratura.


Amerika, Mark



Grammatron (1997) http://www.grammatron.com/

Phoneme (1999) http://phoneme.walkerart.org/

Filmtext 2.0 (2002) http://www.markamerika.com/filmtext/


Grafik Dynamo [2005-present]

Kate Armstrong & Michael Tippett



Grafik Dynamo is a net art work by Kate Armstrong & Michael Tippett that loads live images from the internet into a live action comic strip. From the time of its launch in 2005 to the end of 2008, the work used a live feed from social networking site LiveJournal. The work is currently using a feed from Flickr. The images are accompanied by narrative fragments that are dynamically loaded into speech and thought bubbles and randomly displayed. Animating the comic strip using dynamic web content opens up the genre in a new way: Together, the images and narrative serve to create a strange, dislocated notion of sense and expectation in the reader, as they are sometimes at odds with each other, sometimes perfectly in sync, and always moving and changing. The work takes an experimental approach to open ended narrative, positing a new hybrid between the flow of data animating the work and the formal perameter that comprises its structure.


Base de données de récits interactifs (et autres œuvres interactives)

Interactive Narrative Data Basis and other interactive works [2007-present]


Editor: Serge Bouchardon


Bigelow, Alan

web yarns: stories for the web



Cadre, Adam




Narcolepsy (2003) http://adamcadre.ac/content/narco.zip

Lock & Key (2002) http://adamcadre.ac/content/win-lock.zip

9.05 (2001) http://adamcadre.ac/content/905exe.zip

Textfire Golf (2001) http://adamcadre.ac/content/golf.exe

Shrapnel (2000) http://adamcadre.ac/content/shrapexe.zip

Phototopia (1998) http://adamcadre.ac/content/photo201.zip

I-0 (Interstate Zero) (1997) http://adamcadre.ac/content/I-0exe.zip


Clark, David



For the Time Being (2010) http://www.chemicalpictures.net/?page_id=187

Waterfall [Interactive Public Sculpture] (2010) (by Kim Morgan, David Clark, Rachelle Vaider Knowles, and David Ogborn) http://www.chemicalpictures.net/?page_id=20

88 Constellations for Wittgenstein (2008) http://88constellations.net/

Touch and Go (2007) (by David Clark, Jeff Howard, Nick Rudnicki, Shelley Simmons) http://www.chemicalpictures.net/?page_id=151

Ulysses 101 (2006) http://www.chemicalpictures.net/?page_id=203

Likewise (2004) http://www.chemicalpictures.net/?page_id=421

A is for Apple (2002) http://aisforapple.net/


The Company Therapist [1996-99]



This site is fiction and all the characters are fictional. Any similarities to real people are purely unintentional. If you have any real mental health concerns, be sure to seek the advice of a medical professional.


Conway, Martha


Girl Birth Water Death. Enterzone (1995) http://ezone.org/ez/e2/articles/conway/jump1.html


Coverley, M. D. [Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink]



Egypt: The Book of Going Forth by Day (2006) http://califia.us/califia1.htm

Accounts of the Glass Sky (2002) http://califia.us/glasssky/

The Errand Upon Which We Came [in collaboration with Stephanie Strickland] (2001) http://califia.us/Errand/ 

Bush Towel (2001) http://califia.us/Coverley

A L G O (2001) http://califia.us/algo/

Afterimage (2001) http://califia.us/Afterimage/

Default Lives (2001) http://califia.us/DL/

Tumblers (2001) http://califia.us/tumblers/

RainFrames (2000) http://califia.us/RainFrames/rainfr1.htm

Tide-Land (2000) http://califia.us/TL/

The Universal Resource Locator (2000) http://califia.us/URL/

Fibonacci's Daughter (2000) http://califia.us/Fibonacci/

Eclipse Louisiana (2000) http://califia.us/Emoon/eclipse.htm

Endless Suburbs (1999) http://califia.us/EndSub/endless.htm

Life in the Chocolate Mountains (1999) http://califia.us/Choc/index.html

To Be Here as Stone Is (1999) [with Stephanie Strickland] http://califia.us/SI/stone1.htm

Pao Lien and The Cave Dragon, Wu (1999) http://califia.us/Millennium/milletitle.htm

Elys, The Lacemaker [selection for Christy Sheffield Sanford's collaborative Web work, The Book of Hours of Madame de Lafayette] (1997)

The Probability of Earthquke (1996) http://artnetweb.com/blast5/anacap/earth_1.html


DFIN Digital Fiction International Network


Sheffield Hallam University, UK [2009-present]

Principal Investigator: Alice Bell


The Digital Fiction International Network (DFIN) provides an arena for a new generation of scholars to collaborate on integral theoretical and analytical issues within digital fiction research.


Eastgate Systems, Inc.



Catálogo de obras de ficção em hipertexto, disponíveis em CD-ROM, publicadas pela Eastgate Systems.


Electronic Literature Collection (Volume 1) [2006]


Editors: Katherine Hayles, Nick Montfort, Scott Rettberg, and Stephanie Strickland

The Electronic Literature Collection Volume One has been published (with identical contents) on the web and on CD-ROM. This dual publication is intended to allow the first volume to reach the broadest audience possible and to provide for reading, classroom use, sharing, and reference on and off the network.


Electronic Literature Collection (Volume 2) [2010]


Editors: Laura Borras, Talan Memmott, Rita Raley, and Brian Kim Stefans

The Electronic Literature Collection Volume Two has been published (with identical contents) on the web and on DVD-ROM. This dual publication is intended to allow the first volume to reach the broadest audience possible and to provide for reading, classroom use, sharing, and reference on and off the network. Anyone can request a free DVD-ROM from: Electronic Literature Organization / Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH) / B0131 McKeldin Library / University of Maryland / College Park, MD 20742.


Electronic Literature Organization [1999-present]


Director: Joseph Tabbi

Database Director: Robert Kendall


The Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1999 to promote and facilitate the writing, publishing, and reading of electronic literature. Since its formation, the Electronic Literature Organization has worked to assist writers and publishers in bringing their literary works to a wider, global readership and to provide them with the infrastructure necessary to reach one another.

Alojado no Centre for Digital Humanities da Universidade da Califórnia em Los Angeles, a ELO constitui uma das maiores base de dados sobre obras literárias electrónicas. A pesquisa automática no Electronic Literature Directory gera breves descrições e hiperligações para inúmeras obras digitais em linha, incluindo hiperficção, poesia animada e ensaios hipertextuais. Nos inícios de 2005, estavam indexadas cerca de 2300 obras, que representavam cerca de 1200 autores. [MP]



hyper web text media zine art [1996-1999]



E-zine com hiperficções em arquivo.


Façade: A One-Act Interactive Drama [2005]

Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern



Façade is an artificial intelligence-based art/research experiment in electronic narrative – an attempt to move beyond traditional branching or hyper-linked narrative to create a fully-realized, one-act interactive drama. Integrating an interdisciplinary set of artistic practices and artificial intelligence technologies, we have completed a five year collaboration to engineer a novel architecture for supporting emotional, interactive character behavior and drama-managed plot. Within this architecture we have built a dramatically interesting, real-time 3D virtual world inhabited by computer-controlled characters, in which the player experiences a story from a first-person perspective. Façade was publicly released as a freeware download / cd-rom in July 2005.


Fisher, Caitlin


These Waves of Girls: A Hypermedia Novella (2001) http://www.yorku.ca/caitlin/waves/


Gillespie,William, Scott Rettberg & Dirk Stratton [with Frank Marquardt]


The Unknown (1999) http://www.unknownhypertext.com/


Holeton, Richard



Frequently Asked Questions about Hypertext (2004, 2006) http://collection.eliterature.org/1/works/holeton__frequently_asked_questions_about_hypertext.html

Figurski at Findhorn on Acid (Eastgate Systems, 2001, 2008). Hypertext novel on CD-ROM.



Hypertext Fiction [1995-1997]


Editor: Michael Shumate


What I'm onto here is writing and researching and thinking about hypertext fiction. For those of you familiar with it already, enough said--you may want to go back to the Contents. For those of you unfamiliar with it, hypertext fiction (aka hyperfiction, interactive fiction, nonlinear fiction) is a new art form that while not necessarily made possible by the computer was certainly made feasible by it. Its creators make use of hypertext--of which the Web is only one widespread albeit limited incarnation--to create fiction with many features uncharacteristic of print fiction: multiple paths through the same text; multiple endings (and beginnings); questions posed to the reader which, once answered, influence what the reader will read; audiovisual attachments; navigable maps; and so on and so on.

Michael Shumate


Hypertext Now




Publicação electrónica dedicada ao desenvolvimento de aplicações de hipertexto e à reflexão sobre o hipertexto, publicada pela Eastgate Systems, a empresa que criou a aplicação StorySpace, uma das primeiras aplicações usadas por autores de ficção em hipertexto.


Ingold, Jon



Dead Cities (2007)

Insight (2003) http://www.wurb.com/if/game/1988

Till Death Makes a Monk-Fish Out of Me! (2002) http://www.wurb.com/if/game/1914

The Mulldoon Murders (2002) http://www.wurb.com/if/game/1777

All Roads (2001)  http://www.wurb.com/if/game/1657

Large Machine (2001)  http://www.wurb.com/if/game/1637

My Angel (2000) http://www.wurb.com/if/game/914

Fail-Safe (2000) http://www.wurb.com/if/game/1328

Break-In (1999) http://www.wurb.com/if/game/494

The Mulldoon Legacy (1999) http://www.wurb.com/if/game/451


Jackson, Shelley



My body: A Wunderkammer (1997) http://www.altx.com/thebody/


Jewell, David and Steve L. Wilson


Insomnia (1995) [with Anita Pantin] http://ccwf.cc.utexas.edu/~swilson/Insomnia.html


Joyce, Michael


Lasting Image, by Michael Joyce and Carolyn Guyer (2000, Eastgate) http://www.eastgate.com/LastingImage/Welcome.html

Reach (2000) http://www.uiowa.edu/~iareview/tirweb/hypermedia/michael_joyce/ReachTitle.html

On the Birthday of the Stranger (1999) http://faculty.vassar.edu/mijoyce/OTBOTSrev3/index.html

Twelve Blue (1996) http://www.eastgate.com/TwelveBlue/

Twilight: A Symphony (1996, CD-ROM) http://www.eastgate.com/catalog/Twilight.html

Afternoon, a story (1987, CD-ROM) http://www.eastgate.com/catalog/Afternoon.html


Larsen,  Deena



Tree Woman (2003) http://www.epimone.net/pieces/tree/index.html

Sea Whispers (2001) http://www.deenalarsen.net/sea/

Firefly (2001) http://www.poemsthatgo.com/gallery/fall2002/firefly/index.html

Disappearing Rain (2000) http://www.deenalarsen.net/rain/

The Pines at Walden Pond (2000) <http://www.deenalarsen.net/pines/

Stained Word Window (1999) http://www.deenalarsen.net/wordglass/

Sand Loves (1999) http://www.deenalarsen.net/sand/

Marble Springs: A Hypertext by Deena Larsen, Illustrated by Kathleen A. Turner-Suarez (1993, CD-ROM) http://www.eastgate.com/MS/Title_184.html (excerto)


Loyer,  Erik




The Lair of the Marrow Monkey (1998) http://www.marrowmonkey.com/lair/

Resisting the Epic (1999) http://www.marrowmonkey.com/other/resisting.html

Chroma (2001) http://www.marrowmonkey.com/chroma/menu.html

Story Problem (2001) http://www.bornmagazine.org/projects/sp/storyproblem/sproblem.html

The Persistence of Hyperbole (2002) http://www.marrowmonkey.com/hyperbole/

Hollowbound Book (2002) http://mitpress.mit.edu/e-books/mediawork/titles/writing/writing_webtake.html#

Projects (1996-2012) http://erikloyer.com/index.php/projects/


Morissey, Judd


The Jew' s Daughter (2000, with the collaboration of Lori Talley) http://www.thejewsdaughter.com/



Moulthrop, Stuart



Radio Salience (2007) http://www.smoulthrop.com/lit/rs/

Pax, An Instrument (2003) http://iat.ubalt.edu/moulthrop/hypertexts/pax/

Reagan Library (1999) http://www.smoulthrop.com/lit/rl/

The Color of Television [Stuart Moulthrop and Sean Cohen] (1996) http://iat.ubalt.edu/moulthrop/hypertexts/cotv/

hegirascope: a hypertext fiction (1995-1997) http://iat.ubalt.edu/moulthrop/hypertexts/hgs/

Victory Garden (1995),  excerto em http://www.eastgate.com/VG/VGStart.html

It's Not What You Think (1995) http://iat.ubalt.edu/moulthrop/hypertexts/inwyt/

Dreamtime (1992) http://iat.ubalt.edu/moulthrop/hypertexts/dreamtime.html


On Stuart Moulthrop's works:

Lee, Shuen-shing (2004). How Do I Cool Down the Overheated Medium? Reading Stuart Moulthrop's Hegirascope 2, 'the most typical hypernovel' , in dichtung-digital: journal für digitale ästhetik 2004/4 http://www.dichtung-digital.de/2005/2-Lee.htm


Sassón-Henry, Perla (2006). 'Borges' The Library of Babel and Moulthrop's Cybertext Reagan Library Revisited', in Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature, Vol. 60, No.2: 11-22. http://rmmla.wsu.edu/ereview/60.2/articles/sasson.asp


Nelson, Jason



Terrible Days: Collaborative Story (2006-2007) http://www.secrettechnology.com/terribledays.html


Olsen, Lance



Calendar of Regrets (2010) http://www.lanceolsen.com/cor.html

Head in Flames (2009) http://www.lanceolsen.com/hif.html

Anxious Pleasures (2007) http://www.lanceolsen.com/anxiouspleasures.html

Nietzche's Kisses (2006) http://www.lanceolsen.com/nk.html

10:01: A Novel as Film (2005) http://www.lanceolsen.com/1001info.html

Girl Imagined by Chance (2002) http://www.lanceolsen.com/girl.html

Freaknest (2000) http://www.lanceolsen.com/freakexcerpt.html

Time Famine (1996) http://www.lanceolsen.com/tf.1.html

Burnt (1996) http://www.lanceolsen.com/burnt.swf

Tonguing the Zeistgeist (1994) http://www.lanceolsen.com/ttz.1.html

Live from Earth (1991) http://www.lanceolsen.com/LFE1.html


Pavic, Milorad


Damascene: A Tale for Computer and Compasses (1998) http://ezone.org/damaskin/


Pryll, Richard L Jr.


Lies (1994) http://users.rcn.com/rick.interport/lies/lies.html


Ryman, Geoff

253: a novel for the Internet about London Underground in seven cars and a crash (1995) http://www.ryman-novel.com/home.htm


Searching for a New(er) Digital Literature [2009]


Curated by Alan Bigelow

Austin Peay State University in Tennessee, USA


Searching for a New(er) Digital Literature is an exhibition of twelve multimedia works that offer readers representative examples of new digital poetry and fiction on the web.  Curated by Alan Bigelow, it includes work by Jim Andrews, Marvin Bell & Ernesto Lavandera, Sommer Browning & Mark Lomond & Johanne Ste-Marie, Andy Campbell, J.R. Carpenter, Chris Joseph & Kate Pullinger, Tammy McGovern, Stuart Moulthrop, Alexander Mouton, Jason Nelson, Victoria Welby, and Jody Zellen.


Sites hypermédiatiques



Nous présentons ici une sélection d'oeuvres littéraires faites pour Internet ou de sites sur la littérature. Nous avons commencé ce travail de recensement à partir d'oeuvres ou sites en français ou réalisés par des écrivains francophones. Ce blogue sera mis à jour régulièrement afin de suivre les activités littéraires du Web. Les oeuvres du collectif incident.net sont présentées sur un autre blogue (lien vers le blogue sur incident.net).

Toutes les descriptions des oeuvres sont accompagnées d'une capture d'écran, de détails techniques et d'un lien vers le site. Les données, sous le nom de « Traitement numérique des ressources », indiquent les configurations, les plug-ins, les périphériques, les navigateurs et les systèmes d'exploitation requis pour le visionnement de l'oeuvre.


Short, Emily



Floatpoint (2006) http://www.ifarchive.org/if-archive/games/competition2006/glulx/floatpoint/Floatpoint

Glass: A Fractured Fairy Tale (2006) http://inform-fiction.org/I7Downloads/Examples/glass/Glass.zblorb

Bronze: A Fractured Fairy Tale (2006) http://inform-fiction.org/I7Downloads/Examples/bronze/

Damnatio Memoriae(2006) http://inform-fiction.org/I7Downloads/Examples/dm/

Savoir-faire (2002) http://www.nickm.com/if/emshort/savoir_faire.html

Galatea (2001) http://www.nickm.com/if/emshort/galatea.html


Shumate, Michael


Holier Than You: An Exploratory Hypertext Fiction (1995-1996) http://www.duke.edu/~mshumate/fiction/htt/index.html


Streamflow Conditions: Charting a Poetics of Language, Code & Networks [2009]

Timestamp: 24 Hours of Network Writing [December 5, 2009]



Streamflow Conditions is an online exhibition of electronic literature and networked writing curated by Judd Morrissey at the invitation of Subito Press at the University of Colorado. Conceptualized in relation to a site-specific consideration of the Colorado landscape and its engineered waterways, the selection of works examines discrete markers in the contemporary data-scape of writing within networked culture. The artists and works chosen each represent an innovative use of language in conjunction with code, data, or networked spaces. The exhibition as a whole engages the overflowing boundaries between presence, process and object at a time when currents of digital literary practice meet the culture and corpus of writing online (& the imminent google waves).


Tomasula, Steve



TOC: A New-Media Novel (2009) http://www.tocthenovel.com/

VAS: An Opera in Flatland [Cyborg Edition: Book, Custom Slipcase, and Audio CD] (2009) http://www.stevetomasula.com/vascyborg.htm

IN & OZ (Ministry of Whimsy) (2008) http://www.stevetomasula.com/multimedia.htm

The Book of Portraiture (2006) http://www.stevetomasula.com/bookof.htm

VAS: An Opera in Flatland (2004) [with art & design by Steven Farrell] http://www.stevetomasula.com/vas.htm

DOG (2000) http://www.stevetomasula.com/multimedia.htm

C-U See-Me (2000) http://www.stevetomasula.com/multimedia.htm


Wardrip-Fruin, Noah



News Reader [with David Durand, Brion Moss, and Elaine Froehlich] (2004)

http://turbulence.org/Works/twotxt/ http://www.noahwf.com/rcnr/index.html

Regime Change [with David Durand, Brion Moss, and Elaine Froehlich] (2004) http://turbulence.org/Works/twotxt/ http://www.noahwf.com/rcnr/index.html

Screen [with Sascha Becker, Josh Carroll, Robert Coover, Shawn Greenlee, and Andrew McClain] (2002-2005) http://www.hyperfiction.org/screen/index.html

Talking Cure [with Camille Utterback, Clilly Castiglia, and Nathan Wardrip-Fruin] (2002) http://www.hyperfiction.org/talkingcure/index.html

The Impermanence Agent [with Adam Chapman, Brion Moss, and Duane Whitehurst] (1998-2002)

http://www.hyperfiction.org/agent/ http://www.impermanenceagent.com

Gray Matters [with Michael Crumpton, Chris Spain, and Kirstin Allio] (1995-1997) http://www.hyperfiction.org/graymatters/index.html



Wax, or the Discovery of Television among the Bees


A movie by David Blair [1993]


Word Circuits (1997-present)


Editors: Robert Kendall, Marjorie Luesebrink, Rob Swigart, Deena Larsen, Jean-Hugues Réty, and Nancy Smith.


This is a watering hole for new media poetry and fiction--indigenously electronic work that couldn't be realized in print. Hypertext is the mainstay here, but we also deal in more exotic forms of cybertext, which exploit such innovations as text-generating algorithms or animated text that moves and mutates on the screen. Welcome to the world of hypertextual, interactive, self-generating, kinetic, and multimedia poetry and fiction.




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