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This section is an appendix to the course 'History of the Book: From Manuscripts to Digital Texts'. It indexes electronic resources that are relevant to a historical and conceptual knowledge of the multiple dimensions of books. It also attempts to translate ongoing research into the teaching of book history at undergraduate and postgraduate level. At a time when the codex form as the dominant model for the symbolic representation of the world and of human experience seems to be coming to an end, books emerge as one of the most powerful objects for the study of human cultures and societies, both ancient and modern. By means of book history and book studies, the codex recovers its pivotal role as the ultimate machine for knowledge. After witnessing the magic word revealed in religious experience, or the rational word demonstrated in scientific experiment, or the poetic word embodied in literary experience, the book is now an archaeological trace for all kinds of social and cultural transactions. The appearance of the book, described by Lucien Febvre and Henri-Jean Martin in their seminal work L'apparition du livre (1958), became the appearance of the book as an object of study and a privileged image of cultural processes in the research carried out for the past fifty years. If cultural history hypostasized the typographic codex as the materialization of the concept and form of the book, the invention of the electronic page of multiple reinscription reconfigures bibliographic codes and opens up a new documentary ecology which calls for a rethinking of the historicity and materiality of the book. This section is divided into the following pages:


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1. V for Videos: contains a selection of online videos about the technologies and the history of books, reading and libraries.   2. R for Repositories: indexes repositories of digital facsimiles of rare books and projects devoted to book arts. It also includes a selection of artists' books and journals about book history and book arts.   3. B for Books: contains projects for artists' books by students of the course 'History of the Book: From Manuscripts to Digital Texts'
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