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This webpage indexes online sources on hypertext, electronic editing, new media, and digital culture. This selection has been conceived as an introductory guide to the field of digital media theory, in particular as it regards the relation between newer and older media, and the contemporary ecology of media. Special attention is given to sources on the (hyper)mediated nature of literary and cultural practices in the context of contemporary information technologies. Some selected sources will be briefly described. One of the webpages contains links to freeware, shareware, and open-source projects in the fields of linguistic and literary computing, including electronic editing, electronic literature, and scholarly research. This section includes the following webpages:


The Three Voices (Fig 1)


The Three Voices (Fig 2)


The Three Voices (Fig 3)

1. Hypertext: contains hyperlinks to sources on the history and theory of hypertext.


2. Media: contains hyperlinks to media labs and sources on new media. Particular attention is given to relations between art and technology.


3.Tools: contains hyperlinks to software tools for textual analysis, textual editing, digital collection, and speculative computing. A sample of applications used for the production of electronic literature is also included.

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