The Euromediterranean Network of Experimental and Representative Basins (ERB) is an open association of 20 European countries and was established in 1986. It promotes the exchange of basin information and the cooperation in international programs as FRIEND, HELP and PUB. Information is disseminated through Newsletters. The Steering Committee of ERB consists of National Correspondents nominated by the UNESCO-IHP National Committees.  
The main objectives of ERB are:
To increase relationships between members, research teams, universities and basin managers, through exchanges of hydrological information, data, research methods, models and to organise visits and biennial conferences;
To enable joint studies of common interest;
To make available and exchange data between research groups;
To harmonize methods of data collection and processing.
Over the years ERB has organized fourteen biennial conferences with themes that reveal the convergence of hydrological topics of common interest in small basin research despite the concern of the ERB community by a large diversity of hydrological problems. These conferences are very important occasions to present and discuss research and to exchange experiences, and have always attracted contributions from scientists of all member countries, among others. Especially young scientists can benefit from these meetings by presenting their (PhD) research, discussing their ideas and exchange data to test their hypotheses and model concepts.
List of former ERB conferences:
Aix en Provence [France], October 1986
Perugia [Italy] - “Erosion and sediment tranport”, October 1988
Wageningen [The Netherlands] - “Hydrological research basins and the environment”, September 1990
Oxford [United Kingdom] - “Methods of hydrological basin comparison”, September 1992
Barcelona [Spain] - “Assessment of hydrological temporal variability and changes”, September 1994
Strasbourg [France] - “Ecohydrological processes in small basins”, September 1996
Liblice [Czech Republic] - “Catchment hydrological and biochemical processes in changing environment”, September 1998
Ghent [Belgium] - “Monitoring and modelling catchment water quantity and quality”, September 2000
Demanovska dolina [Slovakia] - “Interdisciplinary approaches in small catchment hydrology: monitoring and research”, September 2002
Torino [Italy] - “Progress in surface and subsurface water studies at the plot and small basin scale”, October 2004
Luxembourg [Luxembourg] - “Uncertainties in the monitoring –conceptualisation-modelling sequence of catchment research”, September 2006
Krakow [Poland] - “Extreme hydrological events in small basins”, September 2008
Seggau Castle [Austria] - “Hydrological Responses of Small Basins to a Changing Environment”, September 2010
St. Petersburg [Russia] – “Studies of Hydrological Processes in Research Basins: Current Challenges and Prospects”, September 2012
Coimbra (Portugal) will be hosting the 15th Biennial Conference ERB2014 on 9-13 September, 2014, with the special theme "Advances in Hydrologic Research on Pristine, Rural and Urban Small Basins".
Come to Coimbra to join us in ERB2014 and develop new collaborations in research on Experimental and Representative Basins.