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Question: Why am I not able to login on the webpage of IPC10?
Answer: Login is reserved to organizers only.
Question: What is the use of my unique code?
Answer: You could use the unique code to upload abstracts, before abstract submission deadline. Moreover, this code is a control code for the conference organizers and can be used to identify participants (e.g. payments by bank transfer).
Question: Can I still apply to financial support from IPC10 to participate in the conference?
Answer: No. Deadline for applications was March 1 st, 2010. Try to apply to local funding agencies, in your country, or elsewhere.
Question: What should be submitted to IPC10 as a proof of student status?
Answer: It is enough to send by email, mail or fax, a photocopy of the student ID card.
Question: How many abstracts were accepted for presentation at the conference?
Answer: There were 179 abstracts accepted for oral and poster presentations.
Question: Do I have to send to IPC10 organisers the proof of bank transfer for the payment of registration fees?
Answer: We appreciate receiving this proof, which facilitates double checking with the bank information.
Question: When can I get the receipt for the payment of the registration fee?

Answer: After receiving your registration fee, we will ask you for details (e.g. your VAT number or VAT number from your university) for the receipt, if needed, and we will send it to you by email.

Question: What is the VAT number of the entity that receives the payment of the conference registration fees?
Answer: Payments are received by IMAR-Instituto do Mar (Coimbra, Portugal), VAT number PT502 776 463.