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The objective of the 2010 Conference is to continue promoting interdisciplinary discussions on the present state of knowledge in research and applications related to precipitation, with the special theme "Space‑time precipitation from urban scale to global change". Also, as it is an anniversary event, we hope the conference will provide an opportunity for the precipitation research community to reflect on the past accomplishments and the future needs.
We invite you to join us in IPC-10 and “meet leaders of precipitation research and develop new collaborations”.  
The conference sessions will be organized on the following topics:
1 Extreme precipitation events: physics and statistics based description
2 Trends in precipitation time-series
3 Precipitation prediction at scales ranging from real-time to climate
4 Instrumentation and novel precipitation observing systems
5 Variability of precipitation over a wide range of space-time scales.
6 Hydrologic and water resources needs: research and engineering applications.
7 Research needs and challenges
We believe that the IPC-10 will be an attractive venue for you to share your current research results. The meeting will be a great opportunity for students and young researchers to meet and discuss their research with more senior colleagues. The settings of the meeting will promote free-flowing discussion and plenty of time for an informal exchange of ideas.
Conference programme (pdf file)