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East Timor

An Information Service on East Timor

University of Coimbra, Portugal

This service is intended to help Internet users who are interested in acquiring further information about East Timor, such as history, geography and culture, books and papers, further links across the Internet, or contacts with International Organisations dealing with East Timor. You can also get information about on-line conferences where East Timor is frequently debated, or how to receive daily news from East Timor.

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What's new:

February 21th 1997
Vancouver Conference on East Timor and Indonesia. A conference on East Timor and Indonesia will be held in Vancouver, Canada at Simon Fraser University and University of British Columbia on March 6-8, preceded by various similar conferences in the USA. Names of local organizers, contact persons, foreign participants, and where possible the local participants are given. Themes to be discussed are also included. Here.
New 25 Feb: Read the article by professor Barbedo de Magalhães: East Timor: a People Shattered by Lies and Silence
January 17th 1997
The East Timor Human Rights Centre is concerned for the safety of three East Timorese men, believed arrested on Christmas Day in the Ermera district. A mail/fax campaign is under way.
December 10th 1996
Bishop Ximenes Belo and Ramos Horta recieve the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. Check CNN Interactive coverage on-line.
November 12th 1991
This day will be remembered forever by the East Timorese as one of the bloodiest days in their History. Two hundred seventy one unarmed East Timorese civilians (mostly young people) where brutally killed by the Indonesian Army while staging a peaceful demonstration in Dili's cemetery of Santa Cruz. Three hundred eighty two wounded were counted. Two hundred and fifty more people just "disappeared".

Zito Soares was one of the demonstrators that survived this killing. A young East Timorese student, he was twenty years old at the time. He agreed to share with us his experience of that day.

Zito description of the massacre, including clips from Max Stahl's video, and Steve Fox photos (total size around 7 Mega Bytes).

A lighter version without the video clips is also available.

Bishop Belo and Ramos Horta win the Nobel Peace Prize (11 October 1996)
East-Timor Bishop Dom Ximenes Belo and maubere resistence representative José Ramos Horta were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize today for their work towards a fair and peacefull solution to the conflict with the indonesian occupants. Read the Lusa News Agency press release here (in English)

Some reactions, including Ramos-Horta's, are also available here

Due to the rise of interest on East-Timor we are making available our search engine (currently under test). You can search TimorNet and the messages from reg.easttimor since March. Click here. Note: this URL is likely to change in the next month.

East Timor news Digest.
Lusa News Agency is providing TimorNet with news digests on East-Timor in Portuguese.
Xanana Gusmão, student at the University of Coimbra
Ramos Horta, Xanana's personal representative, announces the decision of the resistence lider to take a law degree while in prison. The University of Coimbra Law Faculty was the choosen institution. We have the text of the announcement on-line (portuguese). The University also announced that Pro-Rector Abílio Hernandez Cardoso, representing the University in the Sydney Conference on East-Timor, 21-22 June, will aply for an indonesian visa and try to handle personally the first study materials to Xanana.
The National Geographic Society maps
See how Timor is shown in the NGS Magazine of February 1996. And compare to the 1975 map of the same region. You can send your comments from this page.
The State Department Human Rights Report is avaliable on-line at the SD goopher.
For your convenience we have a copy of the Report on Indonesia available here

TimorNet has two main areas:

The History of East Timor: an in depth treatment of the History, Land, and Etnology of the Maubere people, as well as an overview of the present conflict.

Information Resource on East-Timor:a guide to Internet resources, organizations, contacts, pictures and bibliography.

See also our archive:

Legends from the Maubere People

Introductory course on Indonesia and East Timor.

Personal Statements: People involved in East-Timor left their personal messages for this service.

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If you have some information on Non-Governmental and/or Political Organisations interested in Timor, or else pictures, maps or any other material you think is important, please let us now (you can find TimorNet's address and e-mail at the bottom of this page).
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