2nd Introductory Course to Indonesia and East Timor

2nd Course on Indonesia and East Timor
This Introductory Course is intended to provide some essential Historical and Social - Political knowledge on the issue of East Timor. This background information can be useful for a correct assessment of the present situation, as well as of its future evolution. A bulk of up-to-dated information about the Indonesian and East Timorese reality will also consolidate and increase political action.

The Course is divided in eight lessons (2 hours each week) beginning in October 1994 and finishing in February 1995. The lectures are taking place simultaneously at the three portuguese Universities of Oporto, Coimbra and Lisbon.

Each lecture is divided in two parts: the first part is dedicated to the general History of East Timor (within the context of Southeastern Asia) and the second to the present situation of that territory and of the Republic of Indonesia.

The contents of the course are of the responsability of the Course´s Secretariat.You are entirely free to print the lectures and to distribute it among whoever is interested in acquiring further information about East Timor. The lectures will be updated as we receive them from the Course's Secretariat.

Currently Available Lectures:

Lesson 1:

Part 1 (History): Population Settlements in East Timor and Indonesia

Part 2 (East Timor today): Have the occupants of East Timor already started to withdraw?

For further information on the 2nd Course, please contact:

Prof. Antonio Barbedo Magalhães
Faculdade de Engenharia, U.P.
Rua dos Bragas
phone: 351-2-200-21-48
fax: 351-2-31-91-25