The following are personal declarations from some personalities interested in East Timor.

Since they were hand-written in different languages, an English translation is provided after each one. We will welcome further contributions from people involved with the issue of East Timor, regardless of their point of view.

From Dr. Ramos Horta, special representative of the CNRM :

" The Berlin wall has fallen, Eastern Europe has been liberated, the great Armenian People have conquered Armenia back, our great friends the People from Eritreia have become free, and East Timor will be free again with the help of the free citizens from all the World's Countries. Greetings to everyone,

José Ramos Horta. "

From Pedro Pinto Leite, IPJET's secretary-general:

"In december 1995 twenty years will pass since the brutal invasion of east Timor bt the Indonesian armed forces. A group of lawyers formed in 1991 an organisation which, within its specific field, could contribute to the ending of the foreign occupation of East Timor. If you feel touched by the suffering of this courageous people and you are a jurist, please fill in and sign the annexed application form. Welcome to the Platform! Viva Timor - Leste!

Pedro Pinto Leite, Sec.Gen. IPJET"

From Benedict Anderson, Professor at Cornell University, USA:

"I agree with Abílio Soares, Jakarta-appointed Governor of East Timor, who told the press recently that the young generation of East Timorese absolutely do not regard themselves as Indonesian. Since this is now almost twenty years since the Indonesian invasion and occupation, it means Jakarta has completely failed and finds its policies bankrupt. It is time for a radical change leading to East Timor's independence in which E. Timorese, Indonesian of goodwill, and international community will join hands.

Ben Anderson"