Legends from Timor

On the following pages, you can have a glimpse at Timor, as seen through the imagination of its people... and appreciate the extraordinary ability of the Maubere in merging imagination and reality, which has been, throughout the centuries, a characteristic of their every day life!

These traditional tales were taken from Fernando Sylvan's anthology of traditional maubere tales and myths Cantolenda Maubere - the legends of the Mauberes, edited by FABC. We were unable to display the whole of its wonderful pictures by AntÛnio P. Domingues, so, in case you wish to get the book, please see some more information under FABC - Borja da Costa Austronesian Foundation .

Some more tales are also referred in our Bibliography .

The Crocodile That Became Timor

The Giant of Manufahi

The Song of the Fallen Warrior

The Voice of the Liurai of Ossu


The Way Out of Paradise

The First Horse Race

Peace on the Tchi·ru Plateau

The simple green pictures are traditional timorese designs, and were taken from Ruy Cinatti's Motivos ArtÌsticos Timorenses e a sua integraÁ"o.