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Maling Lists on East Timor

If you wish to permanently receive updated information on East Timor and Indonesia, you can subscribe to one of the following electronic lists.

By sending your Email address and a subscription to the addresses below, you will be provided with up-to- date news about East Timor and Indonesia coming from various sources.

1. Mailing Lists kept by East Timor Action Network / United States (ETAN/US)

To be placed in a list, send a message with the request and containing your E-mail, postal adress and phone number to:

John Miller (


Charles Scheiner (

Several lists are available:

ALERT LIST: East Timor Action Network/US has an electronic mailing list used for action alerts on East Timor. These alerts primarily deal with issues such as the need to lobby congress, severe human rights violations and the like. Items to this list are sent on a needed basis, at the discretion of the ETAN. Posting average about two or three a month over the course of a year.

REG.EASTTIMOR: The contents of reg.easttimor can be forwarded to you. Reg.easttimor originates from the Alliance for Progressive Communications (APC) member networks (such as PeaceNet and GreeNet). It contains posting from the National Council of the Maubere Resistance (CNRM), ETAN/US, and support groups in Australia, Portugal, Canada, Ireland and elsewhere. Reports and translations from various wire services, the Indonesian, Portuguese, Australian, British, US and Irish press also regularly appear there, along with UN and other official documents. An average 6 - 10 postings appear each day.

It is possible to respond to material or post original material to the conference by sending an e-mail message to .

There is a reg.easttimor newsreader on the Web page run by the East Timor Center for Human Rights Education and Training in Melbourne.

Weekly summaries of are on ETAN's gopher and on the web at Reg.easttimor items, slightly selected and delayed, are also at the University of Lisbon WWW site.

An abridged, read-only version of reg.easttimor, with an average of two daily postings, is on APC as the conference tapol.etimor. This is also available as e-mail; send a note to to receive it.

NETWORK NEWS: ETAN/US prepares an electronic version of its newsletter NETWORK NEWS, which comes out about 5 times per year and runs 6 - 10 printed pages. You can also obtain the paper version instead of the E-mail one.

To be added to any of these lists, please send a message to E-mails above. Even if you only wish to receive electronic material, ETAN/US would appreciate having your postal mailing address, phone and fax numbers.

2. APAKABAR Mailing List

This Mailing List is dedicated to any subject somehow related to East Timor and Indonesia. The list is kept by John McDougall, being animated by many people woking in Human Rights.The messages are in English, Portuguese or Bahasa Indonesia and you may receive up to 20 every day. Some News Reports are also posted. This mailing list is very useful, since we can only understand the problem of East Timor by knowing present-day Indonesia. By joining this list, you will find more about Indonesian Society and also many different opinions about the matter of East Timor.

To join Apakabar, send a message to John Mc Dougal (email:
On the subject line of your message don't forget to write:

JOHN: want to join list.

This is because Apakabar is constantly receiving lots of email; by writing this in the subject line, things will go easier to John and faster to you...

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